Neck Massager U Shaped Pillow

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Introducing Neck Massager U Shaped Pillow, the perfect solution to improving your neck and shoulder health.

Crafted with the latest techniques in massage therapy, this neck pillow will help alleviate soreness and stiffness while also boosting your circulation.

With easy-to-operate controls and a USB cable for charging, you’ll be able to enjoy a Shiatsu massage experience at the press of a button.

This massager features two kneading nodes to ensure an effective deep massage, digging into muscle layers and progressing blood circulation.

Featuring a double-layer velvet fabric with skin-friendly texture, its U-shape ergonomic design guarantees maximum comfort whether it is used as a neck massager or an airplane pillow.

Additionally, our Neck Massager U Shaped Pillow has been designed for safety, automatically turning off after 15 minutes of use to prevent overuse!

Say goodbye to tiredness and stress with Neck Massager U-Shaped Pillow – the perfect massage companion!



Material: Cotton,

Need to use a 5V charger to charge the product