KOIOS 80Kpa Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

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  • KOIOS vacuum sealing system keeps food fresh up to 7 times Longer
  • High-temperature resistance: The bottom pad of the heating strip has a mica sheet incorporated in it, which can withstand temperatures of up to 300 Fahrenheit.
  • Can seal up to 40 times continuously.
  • External pumping function: External vacuum pumping is available for canning, wine preservation, vacuum packing, food storage bags, and so on.
  • User-friendly design: the degree of vacuum sealing can be determined according to your own needs. During the course of operation, just press “cancel” to cease vacuum packing.
  • Professional accessories: This unit is equipped with its matched cutter, sealing bags, and pumping hose.
  • KOIOS vacuum sealing systems are engineered to work best with KOIOS bags and rolls.


KOIOS Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with '4S' function

Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving, and Money Saving

Maintain the freshness of dry foods such as beans, nuts, and cereals.

Package foods such as meat, fish, poultry, seafood, and vegetables for refrigerated storage.


Package Contents & NOTE

 1 x KOIOS Vacuum Sealer (Silver)

1 x User Manual1 x Replacement Sealed Cotton

1 x Pumping Pipe

1 x Mini cutter

5 x Vacuum Bags(S), 5 x Vacuum Bags(L)

IMPORTANT: KOIOS Vacuum Sealer's rated voltage is 110V-120V.


Smart Meal Preparation

Save time by simply speeding things up on preparing your breakfast sandwiches. Simply assemble several sandwiches at once, and then seal in individual bags and freeze them. Heat one up in the microwave for an instant and delicious breakfast.

Effectively Increase Food Shelf Life

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer sucks the air out and has a heat sealer to seal the durable airtight bag that preserves the aroma, freshness, taste, and shelf-life of cookies, fish, fruits, meat, vegetables, or other food items.


Seals ‘Dry’ and ‘Moist’ Food

Simply use the "Dry" or "Moist" feature if you’re sealing dry foods or with moisture. And it will reduce the oxygen on the airtight bag or pull any added moisture. Prolong the freshness and shelf life of your food with KOIOS Vacuum Sealer.

Accessory Hose Port

KOIOS vacuum sealer comes with an accessory port feature. It can preserve food with a vacuum canister & compatible with wine stoppers.