2 Feet/3 Feet Holiday Season Decor Artificial PVC Christmas Tree

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Eco-friendly Material: The blades of this Christmas tree are made from high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree look more real and full but also adds anti-crush capacity to the tree.

Cement Stand: For the small dimensions of the trunk of the tree, the Goplus Christmas tree uses a cement stand instead of a cheap plastic or metal frame stand, and is covered with a linen cloth. Through this design, all we want to achieve is to add the stability of the tree and protect your floor.

Unlit Tree: This is an unlit tree, except for the full branches and blades, there are no extra decorations on the tree. We leave the imagination of decorating to you and your family.

Easy Setup: To finish the assembly of this tree it requires only a few steps, after putting branches and cement stand together, all the tree requires you to do is straighten out the branches, so the tree will achieve the best effect.

Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor: With a sturdy cement stand this Christmas tree makes it possible that put the tree in a beautiful potting, just like a real small tree in the corner of your room or on your table. When you put it outdoors, it can stay straight even in the wind.


Color: Green

Material: PVC

2 Ft: Overall dimensions: 1.2' x 2' (D x H)

Height: 2 ft

Net weight: About 2 lbs

3 Ft: Overall dimensions: 1.6' x 3' (D x H)

Height: 3 Ft

Net weight: About 3 lbs

Package includes:1 x Christmas tree1 x Instruction